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Façade and roof vegetation is an environmentally friendly way to make your building more sustainable. Trees and plants make an important contribution to climate management, while the waste product is biomass. We supply the support products for both façade and roof vegetation.

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Façade and roof vegetation

Planting façade and roof vegetation is a good way to make your building sustainable. Plants convert CO2 into oxygen, while the waste product is biomass. So the vegetation on your building benefits the climate. Besides, both façade and roof vegetation gives your building a more attractive appearance. And because of the insulating effect your building will remain much cooler on a hot summer day. And in winter you save considerably on heating costs. In the pictures below you can see what vegetation can do with your building:

Façade vegetation

Every building has a different appearance and style. This mainly has to do with the shape and materials used in the building. The materials used give the façade a certain style and appearance. In addition to functionality, façades are often given a certain colour and structure. Façade vegetation is an attractive option because it makes the appearance of your building more friendly and colourful. A green wall inside the building is also a healthy decoration. In addition, plant growth purifies the air so that your façade becomes a sustainable destination. The climate in your office also contains more oxygen. There is a large selection of plants available to use for façade vegetation. Obviously plants do not grow out of the stones of a wall. Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions therefore supplies plant racks that are optimised for vertical growth. By using wire racks in integrated planters for example, a plant gets the chance to grow up along the façade.

Roof vegetation

The roofs of buildings are very suitable for roof vegetation. In winter, a building loses a lot of heat through the roof, while in the summer the warm sun gives a lot of heat through the roof. With roof vegetation you create natural insulation. However, the roof is often the place where the weather elements have free reign. It is important that the vegetation is optimally supported. With the plant racks of Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions, a good solution is available for most types of vegetation. Not only to protect your trees and plants for blowing over or blowing away, but also for optimal growth. Especially on a roof where a lot of sun, rain and particularly wind affects your roof garden, a stable positioning is important.


We are convinced that everyone on earth is responsible for dealing well with the earth and the associated climate. Façade and roof vegetation are an optimal solution to make a building more sustainable. We use sustainable and high-quality zinc coating. This coating does not release zinc, which is an important feature for the conservation of the vegetation. Plants and trees are natural protectors of our climate because they convert CO2 into oxygen. This is an important method to combat global warming. The waste product can also be recycled or converted into biomass. Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world? Let our product be part of your façade and roof vegetation.

Do you want to make your building more sustainable? We invite you to come and discuss our possibilities for façade and roof vegetation.

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