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Van Schaik Rack Solutions, founded in 2000 by Floor van Schaik, is focussed on finding practical metal wire solutions for the green sector. With over 20 years of experience Van Schaik Rack Solutions has experienced a multitude of developments in different areas of expertise. This is reflected in their knowledge, capabilities and high quality wire rack solutions. Van Schaik Rack Solutions specializes in indoor and outdoor cultivation, the presentation of plants and trees, and vertical vegetation.


Innovative and reliable

Van Schaik Rack Solutions designs over 800 new models every year. These models vary from wire rack solutions for tree nurseries to prevent pots from being blown over by the wind, presentation models for garden centers, to support material for vertical vegetation. The perks of their developed specialisation and creativity in metal wire solutions is the near endless possibilities in both design and production. Up to this day the family owned business is still developing and broadening their range of products, for multiple markets, for both small and large companies worldwide. Based on the vision that a product should earn itself, Van Schaik Rack Solutions always seeks to provide a reliable and affordable solution.


Our method

Van Schaik Rack Solutions aims to market metal wire solutions and works from the thought that all parties involved should benefit from the deal. With this goal in mind, they inventory the customer’s needs and come up with a fitting solution.

Based on market demand, tailor-made models are supplied in consultation with our clients and standard models are held on stock. Van Schaik Rack Solutions highly values accessibility and customer service, which is why they work with a worldwide network of resellers.

Gerben van Schaik


Floor van Schaik

Founder – Sales

Bennet van den Brink


Emiel de Kruijff



Van Schaik Rack Solutions is convinced of our responsibility for the earth and is therefore committed to sustainable solutions in the area of vegetation. We supply wire rack solutions for better plant growth and to create opportunities for vegetation.


The vision of Van Schaik Rack Solutions is to provide the world with sustainable solutions in the field of plant growth and possibilities to apply vegetation. We only do this with recyclable products.

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