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  • Tree Nursery Pot support

    Having your pots blown over by the wind is history! Our wire rack solutions offer the support your pots need to stay upright and in the right formation. This ensures the highest yield and lowest quality decrease. Did you know that certain models can be transported with a forklift while holding your pots?

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  • Garden Centre Presentation

    Looking to improve the presentation of your products? Our garden centre selection is specifically designed to be used in retail environments. Support pots of all shapes and sizes with our V-feetRack Garden Centre and TabelRack models. Looking for a good way to properly present your taller tree and stem crops? Take a look at our Tree&stamRack models.

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  • Horticulture Improve your yield

    Are you looking for new ways to improve your cultivation system? Our wire rack solutions can be made to synergise or improve your existing system. We have experience with all kinds of cultivation systems, contact us to inquire the possibilities matching your situation.

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