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Our internal transport solutions designed for growers with lots of internal transport. The crop is supported during growth. Meanwhile, the pots or trays can easily be transported during installation and delivery. Therefore, the right rack delivers substantial savings.

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  • Internal transport

Internal transport of plants and trees is more easy with our rack solutions. These racks provides you with a double saving: avoiding blowing over and easy transport. Pots, trays and tree containers are supported during the growth. By placing the plants in wire racks at the potting machine, you save on extra activities outside on the cultivation floor. By arranging the plants inside in the right distribution in racks, you can drive them to the cultivation floor without taking them in your hands again. The racks are easy to transport with the forklift, while the crop can remain in the rack. Because every grower uses other formats or planting distances, we supply the rack in many sizes and designs. Are you also always busy moving the crop? Please contact us for a smart logistic solution.

Advantages of our internal transport solutions

  • Internal transport takes much less time
  • Loading a delivery goes faster than with loose products
  • Long service life due to the use of high-quality treated metal
  • The crop is sufficiently supported during growth
  • Stable transport of crop on the nursery
  • Simple to use

Many nurseries spend an enormous amount of time every year on moving the crop. Usually only a small amount of crop can be moved. Moreover, in many cases this is labor-intensive because more people are needed. By using our wire racks, one person can easily move many plants at once. In addition to this time saving, the crop looks much nicer during growth. Because different sizes and planting distances are available, the growth does not experience any stagnation. The racks last a long time due to the high-quality treated steel. In addition, the coating does not release zinc so the vegetation is not damaged.

What are the benefits of our internal transport solutions for you?

  • Faster placing and loading with a delivery
  • Saving labor because the crop stays upright
  • Saving labor when placing and picking up the crop
  • Planting the crop faster into the desired pattern on the seedbed
  • Easier redesigning the available space
  • Professional appearance of the nursery

On this page you will find a video which explains the advantage of our internal transport solution.

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