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OneplantRack wire racks are the standard among the plant holders for growers. Due to the individual placement, the mutual distance can be determined by the grower. These racks are used worldwide to support the crop.

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OneplantRack is a wire rack to keep your plants and trees upright. These racks offer individual support to plant pots and tree containers. Due to the individual placement, plants and trees can be positioned anywhere. The geometry of the plant holders is constructed in such a way that the racks can also be placed against each other, so you can easily lay out a pattern on a cultivation floor. In addition, the standard wire racks are available from stock for tree container pots of 5 – 7.5 – 10 – 12 – 15 – 20 litres. Of course, there may be situations where a different size is desired. In that case we will help you with a customised product. Please contact us for any advice for your situation.

Advantages of OneplantRack

  • Individual placement of crop
  • You determine the desired planting distances yourself
  • Available from stock and customised for all pots
  • Low price due to the effective use of material
  • Galvanised metal for good protection
  • Stable positioning of plants and trees
  • Simple and quick to use

OneplantRack is a plant holder that is extremely flexible in use. Because of the individual placement, the grower determines the distance between plants and trees. This way, the space and light have a positive influence on the growth of the crop. Because the upper support ring of the racks is resilient, this plant holder can be used for different pots. In addition, it helps to remove pots where roots have caused bulging. The wire racks also ensure that your nursery looks neat and is visually appealing because the crop can’t fall over.

What are the benefits of OneplantRack for you?

  • Almost all tree container pots fit in OneplantRack
  • Effective growth of the crop because the growth does not stagnate
  • Saving time because the crop does not have to be put upright all the time
  • A neat and well-kept nursery: the showpiece of your company
  • Flexibility in mutual distances due to individual placement
  • Speed of work due to good stackability

Standard dimensions

Size Diameter Height
5L 19,5 cm 15 cm
7,5L 22,6 cm 17 cm
10L 25 cm 19 cm
12L 27 cm 23 cm
15L 29 cm 25 cm
20L 32 cm 26 cm

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