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V-feetRack Garden Centre is a wire rack designed specifically for the garden centre. With such a height and size of the pot compartment that, in addition to the tree container pots, more types of pots fit into it.

  • V-feetGardenCentre
  • V-feetGardenCentre
  • V-feetGardenCentre

V-feetRack Garden Centre is a good example of a product that we have developed especially for our customers. Our standard V-feetRack does not always meet the needs for garden centres. A grower uses only a few types of plant pots, while a garden centre has to deal with a wide variety of plant pots. To support the crop in different pots, this is the product you are looking for. The big advantage of this rack is that many types and sizes of pots can be placed in it. We take into account the distance between the plants and ground clearance. These racks are also smaller so that they can be easily spread out or used in groups or rows. Below you will find an overview of the available standard dimensions. Please contact us for the ideal wire rack for your application.

Advantages of V-feetRack Garden Centre

  • Saving time because the plants stay upright
  • Damage to the crop by falling over is prevented
  • Sophisticated measurements with focus on the presentation
  • Maintaining quality of the plants by preventing falling over
  • Professional form of presentation for different pot sizes
  • Combine wire racks with multiple types

V-feetRack Garden Centre is a combined solution for the presentation of the product and giving support to the crop. Especially for garden centres, different sizes of plant pots or tree containers can be placed in one rack. The racks can be used both on the site, indoors on the floor and on tables. We have standard racks for pots of 3 – 5 – 7.5 and 10 litres with equal compartments. The racks for 12 and 15 litre pots have standard intermediate compartments for efficient plant distribution.

What are the benefits of V-feetRack Garden Centre for you?

  • Beautiful presentation of plants and shrubs
  • Saving labor because the crop stays upright
  • Visually appealing crop because the plant does not fall over
  • More flexibility in plant species and dimensions by combining the racks
  • Flexibility through multiple types of pots in one rack
  • Neat appearance of your garden centre
Type Cell configuration Dimension Mesh Amount per pallet
3 L 4 x 4 70 x 70 cm with standard mesh free choice
5L 4 x 4 83 x 83 cm with standard mesh free choice
7,5 L 4 x 3 95 x 71 cm with standard mesh free choice
10 L 4 x 3 105 x 79 cm with standard mesh free choice
12-15 L 3 x 3 113 x 103 cm with full spacer mesh free choice

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