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Location: Maasdijk, NL

Growth: Orchid - Phalaenopsis in ø12cm pot


Branche: Horticulture

Can you tell something about the crop that you put on the market?

The orchid – in all its beauty – has been central within the company of Arno and José van der Maarel since 1997. Because of their exceptional dedication, and that of their employees, Maarel Orchids has achieved a top position in recent years and is now leading in the cultivation of pot Phalaenopsis. Attention to quality, a keen eye for special types, craftsmanship, but above all a personal way of doing business made the company a market leader. The continuity of Maarel Orchids is anchored in four key core values: Consistent, Connect, Create and Care

How did you come up with the idea for this concept?

Maarel Orchids sells its products in all segments of the market. By listening carefully to our customers and analysing their issues properly, we were able to process solutions for these problems into customised solutions. For the garden centres these have been incorporated into the ‘season orchids’ concept. This concept offers solutions for a better presentation of our product in combination with the influence of seasons on the composition of the table. The result of this is a higher turnover rate through a fresh and quiet presentation.

What do you see as your strengths and your added value for your customers?

The strengths of our company are in our flexible organisation. We are there for small and large customers. That makes our organisation unique. The added value to our customers is in thinking along with the customer. In addition to our product collections, in which our standard range is available, we are developing more and more customised sales solutions. The ‘Season Orchids’ concept is an example of this. We provide tools to improve the presentation of the Phalaenopsis on the shop floor. The support racks, made by Floor van Schaik, are an example of this.

What did you do to optimally present your concept at the garden centre?

At Maarel Orchids we have a demo model in the showroom. Customers from all over Europe are introduced to the concept here. The demo is also often at customers for product presentations and information days. The concept has been tested well before it has been put into practice. We also do not oblige anyone to purchase a total concept. Our interest is a better presentation and therefore better sales of Phalaenopsis.

How important are the presentation racks to you?

The presentation racks are essential in supporting the Phalaenopsis. It always takes some effort to keep the product upright because of the root growth under the pot and the long pot-plant ratio. The result is always a messy presentation and damage to the plants. With the racks this problem has been solved! The Phalaenopsis is one of the most important products in the indoor plants department. It is responsible for a large part of the turnover. This is an important factor that should be properly arranged within the garden centre.

Do you have any advice for your target group?

Think carefully about the position and presentation of the Phalaenopsis in your garden centre. This is the basis of good sales. Fresh plants sell themselves, but more importantly, customers come back for them! Another important pitfall is the volume that is purchased. A too large volume increases the chance of loss. As a result, the achieved benefit evaporates quickly. Maarel Orchids offers small packages in all colour lines. These small packages do not come at the expense of the load factor in the chain, and therefore does not lead to cost increase at your supplier. However, it gives you the opportunity to purchase smaller quantities.

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