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Location: Lottum, NL

Growth: Root sting for tree nursery


Branche: Tree nursery

Can you describe your nursery?

We have a flat organisation. This means that requests and orders come directly to us and that we ensure that the right people get started with it. We walk through our crops ourselves and know exactly what is going on and we adjust where necessary.

Can you tell something about the cutting material that you put on the market?

We grow and deliver what the customer requests from us. In general, this means that the cutting has been pruned 3 times and is well fertilized. Of course, we also deliver customised products according to customer-specific requirements.

How did you end up in this cultivation and how long have you been doing this job?

Almost 20 years ago, Bernd started cutting a number of trays under plastic foil in the garden of our parents. After 7 years I joined and together we expanded the company into what it is today.

What is your main sales market?

The tree nursery. 70 % of our nursery sales are in the Netherlands, while 30 % is shipped to plant growers in Northern and Western Europe.

What do you see as your strengths or how you distinguish yourself on the market?

Quality!! We are committed to quality first of all, followed by reliable delivery and compliance with agreements.

Do you have any new developments or new products to announce?

Yes, there are new developments, but we cannot say anything about that yet. However, I can tell you that we have a new Track & Trace system in which we can always see where a cutting (tray) is located (internally). The production data is also linked to this.

Can you tell something about the course of this season?

We can sum that up in a few words; it was a great season!

What are the most important arguments for you to grow off the ground?

  • Air-root pruning for easy removal of the plugs
  • Less problems with diseases and fungi

Do you have any advice for your fellow growers and/or your customers?

Make sure your base is ‘making a quality product’.

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