New website

Our old website has functioned for years by displaying our services. However, it is time we present the information more transparent. In addition, the layout of the old website was no longer representative. In short, we felt it was time for this new website.

Welcome to our new website

We welcome you as a visitor to our website. We are happy with the result because we now have a representative website. The information about our products is clearly displayed. Furthermore, it is easy to download detailed information on various products. This means that you are less dependent on us because you can see for yourself what our products can offer you. Is your wish not listed or do you want more information? Please contact us.

What does this website offer?

This website offers an overview of the most important products on the homepage. You can also watch a video about our company and products. Besides, you can read what other customers think of the cooperation with us. On the products page you can find an overview of our products. All these products have a detail page so you can read more about it. You can also view a number of photos per product, so you have a better idea of the functionality. On the reference page you can find all customer references about us. Furthermore, you can read who we are and why we do our work.


Our company is growing both in turnover but also physically. From our office building in Ede we serve our customers all over the world. This new website supports our sales team by providing information to our customers in an organised way. Despite the utmost care that we have devoted to this website, it is possible that mistakes were made. Do you see a mistake or are you missing information? Please contact us.