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AirpruneRack is a wire rack with the function of raising the tray cultivation to create air-root pruning. This way, roots can no longer grow under the tray and adhere to the ground cloth. The better root growth ensures a healthier and stronger crop.

AirpruneRack is a wire rack designed by us to elevate the tray cultivation. When trays are placed directly on the cultivation floor it causes a proliferation of roots under the tray. In addition, the crop is more susceptible to fungi and diseases because the moisture can not get away from under the tray. With an AirpruneRack you can prevent the capillary space with moisture. Not only is the crop healthier because of the better air-root pruning, the growth of each plant also accelerates and is of higher quality. With air-root pruning, the energy remains at the plant itself, which is in favour of growth and quality. Because roots are no longer broken when the trays are delivered, which often results in many wounds, fungi and pathogens do not stand a chance and the plants do not need recovery time, so the growth continues at the customer and you prevent loss of cuttings. Furthermore, air-root pruning provides a considerable saving in labor when removing and cleaning the bottom of the trays.

Below you see an illustration of the difference between placing trays directly on the cultivation floor and using AirpruneRack:

Without AirpruneRack

With AirpruneRack

Advantages of AirpruneRack

  • Stronger crop due to the unrestricted growth of the plant
  • It is a strong remedy against diseases and fungal disorders
  • Faster growth because the roots do not lose energy under the trays
  • Roots stay within the tray because of the air ventilation so that the root ball formation in the tray is better
  • We supply customised products based on the size and type of the trays
  • For use on the cultivation floor but also on (rolling) benches
  • Less vulnerable when removing the crop from the trays
  • Simple and quick to use and perfectly stackable

Practice shows that the best applicable height to the underside of the tray is 70 mm or more. We apply the ideal height for you in the dimensions of AirpruneRack. We make these dimensions based on the trays you use. Do you want the optimal result for your tray cultivation? Please contact us for the best application for your crop. Based on our years of experience and the many projects we already carried out, we can provide you with the right product.

What are the benefits of AirpruneRack for you?

  • Healthier crop that grows faster due to air-root pruning
  • No loss because the plug can be better removed from the tray
  • Saving labor costs because root growth under the trays is prevented
  • Largely preventing root wounds when removing available trays
  • Satisfied customers who experience better growth of the crop
  • Time saving with the forklift during internal transport

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