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Every grower or garden center does have situations where the crop can be better supported or presented. Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions therefore designs and delivers customized specials for every situation.

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Based on our years of experience in supporting and presenting plants and trees, we deliver regular specials to our customers. With specials we mean wire rack solutions that are not supplied as standard. This can be to simplify labor-intensive situations by providing an efficient wire rack. But also to optimize the presentation of plants and trees at the nursery or in a garden center. The presentation is also important for growers. This can be during trade fairs, but also for home sales. A good presentation benefits the sales figures. There is also often a need to grow crops at a certain working height. We deliver tailor-made specials for you so you can work on the height you want.

Examples of specials

  • Coupling wire racks for stand construction
  • Support racks for growing at height
  • Presentation rack for pots and trays including billboard
  • Racks to support vertical growth
  • Transport racks for specific pots and trays

At a nursery, order and cleanliness are important. But this is not only a business card of the company, but it is also much more pleasant to work with. Especially due to an optimal arrangement of the crop and its presentation, order and tidiness arise. Standard wire racks from Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions are sufficient for the majority of the crop to create order and space. However, there are always situations where a type of pot or tray, or its placement, is not standard. Some crops may require a vertical presentation, or at a certain angle. In those cases we can make solutions of wire racks for optimal support and presentation. Wire racks that can be connected are ideal for building up promotion and stands at trade fairs or on own premises.

Do you have a situation for which you can not find a product? Please contact us for a tailor-made wire rack solution.

What can we do for you?

  • Think for better support and presentation
  • Thinking of solutions for unique situations
  • Provide presentation tools

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