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TableRack are wire racks with the aim of optimally presenting plants in the sales table. The sophisticated plant distribution provides support for the most diverse flowers and plants. This not only benefits the presentation, but also the quality of the crop.

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We have designed TableRack especially for garden centres and other vendors of flowers and plants. This product is a wire rack designed to be placed on or in sales tables. A good presentation is important when you want to sell a product. If you’re dealing with crop, it is also important to maintain the quality of the flowers and plants. Moreover, it is important that the products stay upright. Because a garden centre has to deal with many different sizes plant pots, we supply all kinds of dimensions. For the standard dimensions, download the PDF file below. Please contact us for the dimensions that apply to you. Thanks to the use of high-quality galvanised steel, a long service life is guaranteed. The coating does not release zinc so that the vegetation is not damaged.

Advantages of TableRack

  • Supporting the crop
  • The ultimate presentation of crops
  • Promotes the quality during the presentation
  • Long service life due to high-quality treated metal
  • Also available for round or hexagonal tables
  • More support through flat feet

A survey of consumer behaviour has shown, among other things, that 70% of the picked-up products are put back. Because a customer has no interest in a neat presentation, he or she will not pay attention to putting the product back. However, due to the pattern of the wire rack, the product automatically ends up in the right place. In addition, the store staff will not overfill the table if the grid is full. By making clever use of planting distances, you know that a right presentation is guaranteed. You also have an overview of what you need to order.

What are the benefits of TableRack for you?

  • A beautiful presentation of plants and flowers
  • You can see at a glance what has to be ordered
  • Saving time because customers put the product back in the grid themselves
  • Saving labor because the crop stays upright
  • Neat appearance of your garden centre



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