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Location: Kapelle, NL

Growth: Fruit trees and fruit bushes


Branche: Garden center

What do you grow?

De Fruithof is a nursery that grows fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in pots, which produce edible fruits. In addition to our extensive range, we offer a complete fruit sales concept for the garden centres and hardware stores.

What are your strengths?

By using a photo label, our high-quality products are always visually appealing. The photo label is provided with product information in four languages and a unique barcode. If desired, we can provide our customers with information about grooming the fruit trees, fighting diseases, pests, etc. Our new company is modern and structured. Thanks to our logistics system and our flexible attitude, we can guarantee fast and customised deliveries.

What do you think of this past season?

High-quality products on filled tables with an attractive, sleek presentation ensure sales. Given the weather conditions with a lot of wind, the racks we use for the presentation of our plants have clearly proved their worth.

How do you optimize your presentation at garden centres?

We found that using wire racks to present our plants on tables, in combination with sophisticated ambience materials, was an optimal presentation method.

What are the benefits to using wire racks?

By using the plant racks, the plants are optimally presented, the pots stand orderly and secured. There is no danger of the plants being blown over by the wind and customers can easily view the plants and order based on what they see. Another big advantage is that the plant racks can be custom made.

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