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Location: Wernhout, NL

Growth: Forest and hedge plants


Branche: Garden center

Can you tell something about the concept that you put on the market and what your target group is?

Several years ago, we started putting hedge plants in pots. We made bundles of 10, put diverse plants in pots and added a photo label. After a few years the demand to grow in pots became larger and that is how we started. Now we grow everything in pots and deliver it with a photo label. In addition, garden centres can order a banner to attach to the plant table. Our target group is garden centres both in and outside the Netherlands.

What do you see as your strengths?

Previously, this was only possible in spring and autumn. In addition, each pot contains a label with a description/method of use with a strong look, so that the plants sell themselves. Our opinion is that no staff should be needed to give an explanation.

What did you do to optimally present your concept at the garden centre?

To have an optimal presentation in a garden centre, it is important to have a good presentation table where the plants can be presented in a spacious way. This is easily achieved by placing a plant rack in the table, so that all plants are at the same correct distance. Such a presentation rack is important for the stable placement of the crop, but also for a neat and correct appearance. In addition, you can place cards with all kinds of plant specific information near the plants.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Hedge plants are not really visually attractive. By presenting them with a wire rack, banners and photo cards we make this product more saleable for you. So if you have a table ready, make sure you also have good product promotion, which is easy to order from us.

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