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Location: Son en Breugel, NL

Growth: Shrubs, conifers, ornamental trees in container


Branche: Tree nursery

How did you come up with the idea for this cultivation?

Traditionally we had a pig farm. We started looking for some outdoor work for a change. We had some land and we planted conifers and ornamental shrubs on it. In response to market demands we started planting our shrubs and conifers in pots. Our outdoor product fitted perfectly into a 12 litre container. In 1997 our pigs were culled because of swine fever. The tree nursery has since grown strongly both in numbers and in assortment. Currently we deliver almost exclusively pot grown plants. Our outdoor production is the starting material for container cultivation.

What do you see as your strengths?

A wide range of plants of good quality in a large pot size!

What solution did you find against blowing over?

We put our first plants in the wire racks around three years ago. Previously, they were on the wire. We feel very positive about it. When we go to the nursery after a summer storm to put the plants upright, we can easily skip the part with wire racks. It’s one less worry!

Do you think there are more benefits in this solution?

When you compare it with the cultivation on wires, there are several advantages; the field is free of obstacles when you remove the wire racks and it is easy to move a batch of plants when many plants are sold. Another big advantage for the staff is that it is clear how the plants should be put away. Putting the plants away can’t go wrong and the whole looks nice and sleek.

Do you have any advice for your colleague growers?

A wire rack is custom made. The bottom of the pot should make contact with the cultivation floor. At the top it should also connect nicely. You should realise that with the choice of a specific wire rack you also immediately make the choice of a type of pot. After that, changing the pot is not that easy! Boomkwekerij M. van den Oever VOF

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