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Location: Cuijk-Katwijk, NL

Growth: Roses + Roses in pot


Branche: Horticulture

Can you tell something about the crops and the concept that you put on the market?

We deliver a wide and complete range of more than 350 types from almost all rose breeders. Our range is available throughout the year. The roses are delivered with bare root, packed, in 2 and 3 litre pots or grown in pots in 3, 4 or 5½ litre containers.

What do you see as your strengths and your added value for your customers?

We deliver every number of roses and, additionally, free delivery from 100 pieces or 1 CC-cart. Of all types we have attractive photo labels with a complete description of the types and A5 and A4 photos.

What did you do on your nursery to protect the crop against the wind?

At our pot rose nursery, all the roses are in wire racks from Floor van Schaik, to prevent them from blowing over. In this way we keep the quality optimal because damage to the crop is prevented and we save labour to keep the costs low.

What did you do to optimally present your concept at the garden centre?

For the presentation of pot roses sold directly from CC carts, we use presentation racks that ensure an optimal presentation of our pot roses in 3, 4 or 5½ litre containers on CC carts. We load 18 × 3 = 54 roses per CC-cart. For the presentation of pot roses on sales tables, we deliver metal distribution racks, A4 and A5 photo racks and photos. An optimal presentation is of great importance to us. This way both we and the store benefit from a higher turnover.

How important are the presentation racks to you?

The presentation racks ensure a perfect appearance and prevent the pot roses from blowing over. So a better turnover and damage is prevented.

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