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Location: Boskoop, NL

Growth: Leaf and deciduous shrubs


Branche: Garden center

Can you tell something about the crops and the concept that you put on the market?

We grow and deliver the basic range of evergreen and deciduous shrubs for garden centres and hardware stores.

How did you come up with the idea for this cultivation and this concept?

We have always grown a wide range, but in recent years we have gone back to 1 or 2 pot sizes with the same label and appearance to create uniformity on the sales table.

What do you see as your strengths and your added value for your customers?

You can order at a minimum level with us, so also one container in a very wide range.

What did you do to optimally present your concept at the garden centre?

A clear and accessible label, the same pot size and a neat appearance. You can buy points on price. Furthermore, you can start with deciduous shrubs and further into the season switch to evergreen shrubs.

How important are the presentation racks for the sales tables to you?

We find a wire rack in the sales table important. The table remains neat and orderly, the plants do not fall over and the whole has a clear and inviting appearance.

Do you have any advice for your target group?

Talk to your garden plant supplier when problems arise. When you talk to each other and give feedback, we can work on a solution together. For example, we can think of less loss, presence, order moments etc. All parties benefit from good sales figures. It is no longer just a problem for the garden centre. That is why we argue for good teamwork with each other.

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