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Tree&stamRack is the most flexible solution that Floor van Schaik Rack Solutions offers its customers. Especially in garden centres, this product is the solution for the stable presentation of tall products. Tree&stamRack can be placed anywhere and supports many types of crops.

  • Tree&stamRack
  • Tree&stamRack
  • Tree&stamRack
  • Tree&stamRack

Tree&stamRack has been a unique addition to our range for several years now. This product has been specifically designed for garden centres for the presentation of taller plants and trees up to a height of 2.5 meters. The rack is adjustable for different stem lengths. Different distances between the plants are possible. Many crops with a longer stem are difficult to place in a garden centre. You can use the rack to place your stem products anywhere. Stability is guaranteed because of the special binding system. Growers can also use these racks for the support of stem crops. But also for the presentation at the nursery for home sales. As with all our other products, we only use high-quality galvanised metal. This coating does not release zinc so that the vegetation is not damaged. Do you want more information? Please contact us for advice.

Advantages Tree&stamRack

  • Professional presentation of plant products
  • No loss of time by putting the plants upright
  • Flexible in placement because fixation to the ground is not necessary
  • The height of the rack is equal to the sales table
  • Can be used for every type, kind and size of pot
  • High wind resistance due to resilient effect
  • Simple and quick to use

Applying Tree&stamRack ensures that trees of every season can be presented. The standard version is equipped with ten soft stem binders. The side supports are provided with three mounting clips. Depending on the type of crop you can opt for more stem binders and mounting clips. You can also easily move the racks because of the light design of the construction. A good application example is the presentation in a garden centre and at the nursery for home sales. For example with stick-hedera, fruit trees or other stem crops. See the photo below for an example of the presentation of various stem crop sizes:


What are the benefits of Tree&stamRack for you?

  • Flexibility in placing stem products
  • Saving labor and quality because the crop stays upright
  • Effective presentation because of sufficient space between the plants
  • Contributes to a neat and well-kept nursery: the showpiece for your customers
  • Saving time by simultaneously moving multiple products
  • A professional way of presenting

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